Jake and Callie Wedding 12/06/2014Birmingham, AL
Peter and Anjana Wedding 09/27/2014Birmingham, AL
David and Kimberly Wedding 08/23/2014Birmingham, AL
Robert and Lisa Wedding 08/09/2014Columbus, GA
Jake and Richelle Wedding 08/02/2014Birmingham, AL
David and Kimberly Engagements 07/12/2014Birmingham, AL
Jake and Richelle Engagements 07/02/2014Birmingham, AL
Nathan and Katherine Wedding 06/07/2014Springville, AL
Jacob and Whitney Wedding 05/26/2012Gadesden, AL
Ivy and Molly Wedding 04/21/2012Clarksdale, MS
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Wedding and Lifestyle Film Photography.

All individual photo orders are printed on matte fine art paper with a 1/4" border by the careful hands of Hosmer Studio and Gallery.